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Easy Vegan Bunny Buns – Perfect Easter Baking

Easter is just around the corner. And so unexpectedly every year, I think! But it should definitely not be a few delicious Easter treats. And whoever follows me diligently on Instagram knows that I actually made this recipe 4 times…


Clean Water – Water Filter Test “Hypro Water” from Hytecon

(This post was created in collaboration with Hypro Water from Hytecon and contains placed advertising. Nevertheless, all statements, my own and also given in exactly the that way ❤️) Water filter – Pro & Con Buying a water filter is…


Easy Salted Caramel Blondies – vegan & glutenfree

It’s been a long time. Felt like it. With a post from me on the blog. Yes, my website actually crashed a few weeks ago. And that was such an extremely uncomfortable feeling that I had to let the website…


What Is Happiness and How Can I Be Happy?

Many people assume that happiness is something material. A car, a house, a new suit, something expensive. A status symbol. This world and our systems are built in such a way that you always run after the carrot, but you…


Fluffy Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Cheese Rolls – all vegan ⎨AD⎬

Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve probably already done all your errands. Or is it not?  Most people have already thought about this year’s Christmas menu and the side dishes tend to be neglected. Wait a minute! Side dishes – neglected?…


Gnocchi with classic and creamy vegan cheese sauce – AD

There are many ways to make vegan cheese sauces. Just recently, I posted a recipe where you cook pumpkin, carrot, onion and cashew nuts and then mix everything with spices. It’s super creamy and delicious too.  This recipe is no less tasty. But…


Easy Vegan Pasta With Creamy Pumpkin Cheese Sauce

Everything will be different this year. Christmas as well. BUT we still want to have a delicious Christmas dinner, let alone New Year’s Eve dinner. Because it should be delicious and easy every time. And also healthy and why not…


Easy vegan chocolate spread from scratch

You voted on Instagram again and this time you decided on this super simple recipe: Probably the simplest, vegan chocolate cream. Whether on bread, in muesli, as a sweet dip, or simply to eat spoon by spoon. It has it…


Easy Vegan Pumpkin Spice Rolls From Scratch

This is how we roll. Rolling into Sunday. Because rolls like that are something wonderful, aren’t they? And this time you wished for vegan pumpkin rolls. And I loved to bake some for you. And tested. Ohh, that was delicious!…


Quick & Easy 15 Minute Vegan Tomato Sauce

I did a survey on my Instagram channel and you asked for more hearty recipes. I’m incredibly pleased and I can’t wait to introduce you to my super easy tomato sauce recipe. Made in just 15 minutes. Doesn’t that sound…


Easy, Vegan Persimmon Cake – perfect for fall baking

Kahki, kaki, persimmon, persimon or Sharon? What’s the name now? One thing is already clear: the orange-colored fruit, which is a bit reminiscent of a tomato, originally comes from Asia. But has now also found a taste in Europe. And…


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