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Ultimate Quick & Vegan Crème Brûlée – simple, delicious & gluten-free

I tested, tinkered and tasted. A vegan crème brûlée is not as easy as originally imagined. After all, the consistency, color and shape have to be right. But how did it all start? Last Sunday I started a poll on…


Easy Buckwheat Overnight Porridge – vegan & glutenfree

Have you ever tried buckwheat? Or maybe even baked or cooked something delicious with it? Buckwheat is known for its nutty flavor and is actually not a grain at all. It belongs to the pseudograin. So it doesn’t belong in…


Easy vegan summer sheet cake with apricots – vegan

You can’t have a summer like this without a delicious, summery sheet cake, am I right? And above all, not without delicious fruits like these apricots and currants. Oh how I love them!! How about you, do you like sheet…


Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – vegan

There’s nothing like a fresh banana bread out of the oven, isn’t it? That’s exactly what I thought yesterday and so I made one straight away. But this time I changed it a little. I mixed roasted hazelnuts and bits…


Easy vegan “Scrambles Pancakes” aka Kaiserschmarrn

Do you know Kaiserschmarrn? I practically grew up with it because it was and still is one of my favorite dishes. It used to be one of the main dishes during what was sort of a summer camp and I…


Summer Couscous Salad – easy & vegan

Any season has a classic. And for this dish that goes with it.And for this summer I definitely found mine: An all vegan, super delicious and easy couscous salad. Perfect for any weekday or a wonderful picknick and prepped in…


Easy rice crispy treats – vegan

Rice crispy treats! Do you know them? My mom used to buy them sometimes when I was a kid. Fully covered in chocolate and sooo addictive! I remember me stuffing my face with those. Oh my – things have changed.…


Easy Waffles – vegan

Let’s have a waffle feast Sunday is THE perfect day to get out your waffle iron and make these super delicious waffle beauties ?. In my opinion, nothing beats that freshly baked vanilla and coconut blossom sugar smell. Have you…


Quick & Easy Lunch – Vegan Sage Gnocchi

Ciao Bella! Say “hello” to a super pretty and ridiculously easy, Italian inspired summer dish: Sage Gnocchi ?. I came up with this idea last week when I saw my sage almost growing out of that pot. That’s when I…


Very Berry Double Chocolate Birthday Cake – vegan

Hip hip hooray – it’s my birthday! And this year it’s not just any number. It’s the beginning of a new decade. Born in 1990 – turning 30!!!! Where are all the 90’s “kids”? Raise your hands and raise your…


Easy Chocolate Popsicles – vegan & gluten-free

Summer is here and so is the time for super easy and delicious popsicles. A few weeks ago I was standing in the supermarket. That aisle with all those delicious popsicles in every color, shape and variety. Have you ever…

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