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Best & Easiest Banana Bread Ever – vegan

This is a recipe for the easiest vegan banana bread you’ll ever make! It simpe, delicious and super fluffy! Check it out ?


Chocolate Almond Espresso Porridge – vegan & gluten-free

Porridge with a twist If you follow me on instagram you are probably aware of my porridge addiction! Yes, for over the past 5 years this has been my GO TO meal in the morning. And ever since I went vegan…


Baked Apricot Oatmeal – vegan & gluten-free

Baked Oatmeal for Breakfast Have you ever tried a baked oatmeal before? I have to admit, I usually prefer to cook it  in a pot on the stove. But as I got a request over on instagram to create a…


Flourless Oat Cookies – vegan & gluten-free

Flourless Cookie Heaven Cookies! Who doesn’t love them? Vanilla or chocolate or cherry – not matter what kind of flavor! They are easy and delicious and can be made within half an hour. And you can make them for EVERY…


Vegan buttermilk, lemon & poppy seed muffins

Flavor match made in heaven Buttermilk, lemon and poppy seed! Have you ever tried that combination? It’s full of flavor and if you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you’d change that real soon 😉 When I was a kid,…


Easy, vegan 15 minute Chili

A Warming Bowl … in June? I know, it’s June and here comes a recipe for a super warming Stew-like dish that we would probably prefer on a winter day: A super easy vegan Chili. Made just in 15 minutes.…


Chickpea Brownies – Easy, Vegan, High Protein

Brownies for all the chocolate lovers Lets face it, if you’re a chocolate over, brownies are the ultimate comfort dessert, aren’t they? I mean they are gooey, soft, delicious and full of that intense chocolate flavor. Therefore I made a…


Quick & Easy Lunch – Vegan Buddha Bowl

Easy Bowlin’ Have you ever heard of the food trend “buddha bowl”? It is pretty easy and I can actually explain you how to make your own bowl. Basically it is just all the food that you are going to…


The Story of Al Arz (Tahini Factory) and how to make easy & …

{contains sponsored content} The Perfect Hummus Hummus is is a staple and well known in the vegan scene nowadays – but lets get to its background story first: It’s traditionally a classic mideastern dip or spread made from cooked and…


No Bake Mango Cheesecake – vegan

A spring inspired all vegan cheesecake If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I’ve this love for no-bake cakes. As they are truly easy to make. the only thing you need is a really good blender/food processor.…


Happy Easter Chocolate Bunny and Vanilla Banana Bread – vegan

Easter is coming Easter is coming and yes, it’s gonna be different than the last years. But we’re definitely not holding back on the sweets! So here we go: A double easter banana bread. Vanilla and chocolate – just because…

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