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No-Bake Peaches And Cream Cheesecake – vegan, GF & SF

Peach please Oh yes. All those delicious and juicy peaches. It was only a matter of time that I needed to make a gorgeous cake with them. And if you look closely it’s a layered cake, too! I can remember…


Strawberry Tiramisu – easy, vegan, glutenfree

Strawberry season is coming to an end but you need to make that one before it’s over: Tiramisu! Have you ever made it? IT’s super delicious but usually contains dairy and a lot of fat. Nothing bad about fat but…


the creamiest Mac & Cheese – vegan & gluten-free

Mac and Cheese is almost iconic. Although it’s considered “American fast food” it sure has found its way over the big sea and to Europe. As I am a HUGE fan of delicious food I cannot seem to stand unhealthy…


Easy Strawberry Tart, vegan & gluten-free

Hello to a berrylicious season Strawberry season is definitely one of my most favorite seasons. And I don’t mean those cheap ones that you can by – almost entirely green, mid-january – at the discount supermarket. No, I mean those…


Easy Vegan Rhubarb Cake with Cream Cheese Layer

Welcome to rhubarb season It’s not a long period but it’s definitely a delicious one. Spring offers so many colors and flavors that make me want to have them all at once. But I decided for rhubarb. This time 😉…


how to make your own plant-based milk easily

Vegan Milk Plant-based milk made from oats, nuts and seeds is easier than I ever thought it would be. I don’t think we need to go into details and health benefits of plant-based milk versus regular milk in this article.…


Baked Blueberry Cheesecake with Cinnamon Crumbles – vegan

Blueberries. Baked, raw, freshly picked or frozen. No matter what form I simply love their taste and especially the color they bring to a dish. Also for me as a food photographer, blueberries tend to easy be a wonderful decoration…


super moist and juicy carrot cake – vegan

Carrots With Superpower Carrots are incredible as a vegetable. Rich in vitamin B, K and potassium. In addition to that they are a great source for vitamin A. To even top that, they tend to have a rather sweet taste…


Easy and fluffy blueberry bread – vegan

Blueberry Bliss Have you ever made a baked fruit bread? Maybe some of you made banana bread before? This blueberry bread is definitely without bananas. Because I know some of you don’t like the taste of baked bananas. So here’s…


Vegan Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake gone vegan Fun fact about me: Back Forest ist just half an hour drive from where I live. It’s a huge forest located in the south of Germany, so deep that it got that name. And this…


Creamy Dreamy Raspberry Cheesecake – vegan, no-bake, GF, SF

Spring is on it’s way Can you already feel it? The warmer days are coming! And inspired by those I’ve created a wonderful vegan cheesecake, filled with a creamy raspberry layer and a coconut cookie crust. It’s not only vegan,…

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