Thank you so much for stopping by! I am Marie Dorfschmidt, Food Stylist and Photographer from Stuttgart, Germany, with a passion for everything sweet – especially desserts.

At we want to make your product shine! I aim to create clean, creative or interactive pictures that you can use for your social media, print or new marketing campaign. Weather you are building your brand or already have one. Because they all do have one thing in common if they want to succeed:

Having great images! This is what new costumers will see first and will remember. So let’s make this an impact they won’t forget. I’d love to place your product on my social media channels such as instagram. Assuming it is suitable for what I do and what I want to support.

You already have ideas for your new project? That’s great! Let’s chat about them:

Do you need products pictures for your website, flyers or print media? I’d be happy to help you with that.

Happy to hear you soon,


Brands I’ve worked with:


paul hewitt



just spicesoatsomedipster



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