Green Super Smoothie

Green is the new Black

This green Smoothie is super healthy, easy and full of the most delicious things! Don’t be afraid to drink your greens. Spinach is one of the most beneficial foods for your body. It is full of vitamins, iron, calcium and folic acid.

The mixer for this recipe has been provided to me by Vitamix. Thank you for letting me use the Vitamix PS 750.


  • 100g fresh baby spinach
  • 150g rice milk or any other plant-based milk of choice
  • 250g seedless grapes
  • 100g frozen mango pieces
  • 150g frozen banana pieces

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Let’s mix it

Put all the ingredients in the same order as written above into your mixer. This will assure that you’ll get the best outcome. As it will be easier for the mixer to proceed the liquid components first, before continuing with the more solid ones. The Vitamix I used has a special setting for Smoothies which came in pretty handy. If you don’t have such a setting start by slowly starting your mixer. Don’t forget to close the lid first. Increase the speed until you’ve reached the maximum. Proceed until you’ve reached a smooth texture. Pour in a glass and enjoy.

smoothie, green, grün, vegan, lecker, vitamix, grapes, Trauben, jar, glas, glass, sugar free, sucker freiI’m always happy about your recreations and your feedback. Here, on Instagram or on Facebook. Just use #therawberryeats.

Did you enjoy this recipe? Leave a comment 🙂

– Eure Marie



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