Hotel Test: Vegan Boutique Hotel in Sóller, Mallorca


Last week I was able to test a wonderful small, vegan boutique hotel in Sóller on Mallorca for you. For three whole days, or rather nights, I was allowed to enjoy the wonderful ambience there and I took you live with me. Anyone who follows me on Instagram has probably already seen it. Nevertheless, I have saved all the story highlights especially for you. You can have a look at them here at any time.

This is the wonderful vegan Hotel Ecocirer, a 1-minute walk from the heart of the wonderful little town of S√≥ller. Incidentally, the Ecocirer is even a “healthy and ecological” bed and breakfast.

The concept is this:

“We have been collecting and transforming old and abandoned products, giving them new life, while keeping the soul of the past.

Careful restoration pays attention to aspects of sustainability and recycling. Innovative works of art hang on the walls and unique installations emerge from the shadows. Original furniture is arranged with fresh style in a new home where you will also feel creative.

There is a continious focus on quality. We offer a memorable experience with maximum comfort in an ecological space which is compatible with slow luxury.

Ecocirer provides a lifestyle committed to the conservation of our Earth while exploring the beautiful Tramuntana region. We believe that now is the time to give more to our world, to be generous, thus minimizing our impact on our planet.

We offer you high quality beds. Our linen and towels are 100% organic cotton, specially chosen to give you a comfortable and peaceful night of pure rest.” (from

Ecocirer is about a healthy stay, where you can relax and be in harmony with yourself again.

It was clear to me that this was the case as soon as I entered the hotel. There was a wonderfully natural scent in the room. I have to say, I’m by no means a fan of perfumes. But this scent was so subtle, so natural that I wanted to smell it again and again. I asked – and the owners – B√°rbara & Martin – had put it together from essential oils themselves. Partly with ingredients from their own garden.

As soon as you walk into the hotel, you are in a much quieter, different world. Sóller is beautifully picturesque and a small, cute town with a lot of charm. All houses look typical of the Mallorcan style of construction. Ecocirer itself is located in a historic house from the 1900 century that has been lovingly restored and gives it the charm it has today.

When you step into it, it’s a mix of old and new. Although nothing is new here. Unless it’s art, which also comes from the family of the owner of the hotel and it has found its place here.

The reception is beautiful and made of a white stone. At the opposite there is a lounge with an additional, comfortable seating area and a small, round table with magazines. Everything invites you to linger. Soft, not at all intrusive, but wonderful music plays in the background.

Past the reception, you can make your way into the courtyard. You pass 3 small tables that are for breakfast in the morning if it should rain outside. At first glance, they all look the same. But if you take a closer look, you can see that this is not the case at all. The wood of every table is different. The table legs differ enormously. I wonder if the foot of one of the tables has not been replaced by a piece of a metal fixture. It still works very well. The lamps above the tables come from an old heater unit, which I should find out later.

You step outside over the threshold and to the right, along the elongated corridor that opens to the top, there is a long, padded bench with lots of colorful cushions and extremely interesting art on the wall above. Opposite this is a window with shutters in a cottage style. This allows a direct view of the somewhat lower-lying kitchen in it. Here everything is freshly made by hand.

By the way, this is how you get to the inner courtyard. With wonderfully laid tables, each of which is different and none of which is an off-the-peg. One table has a marble top that is not quite perfect on the long edge. Where is it from? The entire substructure is reminiscent of an old sewing machine bench that was still used to crank the foot. It feels like this is coming from my grandmother’s generation. But the interaction is just pure art and a dream, because everything sounded harmonious in itself and with each other.

The owners are currently building an extension of the outdoor area. There is also a staircase that leads to another level, which will be used for yoga and wellness retreats. A pool should be added to the lower area, which is a wonderful idea in the hot summers.

In conversation with the owners, I learn that Bárbara herself grew up in Sóller and met her husband Martin in Holland. The two have clearly fulfilled their dream of their Eco Hotel and today they have two wonderful daughters and a cute Labrador named Mango.

The rooms, by the way, are another dream in themselves. The 6 individual rooms are each dedicated to a theme: “Love”, “Believe”, “Sense”, “Imagine”, “Dream” and “Fly”. I had the honor of being accommodated in the 32 square meter “Love” room together with my business colleague Nici. The room has everything that one dreams of on such an exhilarating vacation: 3 large windows, 2 of them facing the street, with a wonderful view. An incredibly comfortable bed with a view of the restored beams under the roof.

A spacious bathroom with a large shower, seating on recycled and antique furniture. I couldn’t get enough of it. We took our siesta in this room almost every lunchtime and didn’t want to leave. You can find more information about the rooms and in general here:

Breakfast on the first morning was a feast for the eyes and the palate. Vegan cappuchino with oat milk, homemade coconut yoghurt with apricot jam, topped with the first peaches of the season. In addition, freshly squeezed orange juice and water with a few drops of beetroot juice so that it shone so beautifully pink. The whole thing was followed by homemade bread with avocado and papaya “salmon”, refined with capers and dill. Rarely, not at all, have all the components in a dish fit so well with each other. It was the perfect complement to the interior and fitted in with the entire concept of the Ecocirer. Which, by the way, is Spanish: Eco = ecological, cereza = cherry. The cherry also adorns the hotel’s logo.

The days passed so fast that you could see them fly by. And I’ve never wanted to leave a place so little as this here. One thing is certain, this is where I come back. Because even if it was only 3 days, they were the most relaxing in ages.

Picture Credit @ecocirer

A huge thank you to B√°rbara and Martin for creating something so wonderful.




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