Vegan Mallorca – a small guide for a wonderful holiday


It’s been a week since our trip to Mallorca. And I still draw from the wonderful impressions.

Vegan travel is not so easy for many and I often get feedback on Instagram about how to do it best and what you can do if there is no vegan restaurant in prospect.

I can reassure you, you don’t always need a vegan restaurant. Many restaurants these days also have vegan options.

PRO TIP: Simply order a vegetarian dish without the cheese, for example. Or lettuce and potato wedges. This is not a permanent solution, but it is often helpful for the quick.

Sometimes you can also ask directly whether something can be put together for you.

Restaurants in Mallorca


  • Raimundo Burger: very tasty vegan burger with rosemary fries. The menu was very diverse, classic omnivorous restaurant. There was only one vegan burger on the menu, but it was unbeatably delicious!
  • The Garden: Very small, fine café in the heart of Palma. Perfect for breakfast or a quick snack. Homemade iced teas, loads of vegan options.
  • Temple Natura Café Garden: We chose this vegan & vegetarian restaurant based on the excellent Google ratings. The food and the atmosphere were delicious and beautiful. But the connoisseur was extremely stressed, which made it very difficult for us to enjoy. It also took him over an hour to serve the food. It’s a shame. Maybe it was just that day. Because according to reviews, this has not happened before. Check it out for yourself.

Port de Sóller

  • Ocea: Super beautiful Bar & Snack Restaurant with a view to the Port. Freshly pressed juices and a variety of wraps. All homemade. One veggie & vegan option. Super delicious.
  • La Sal: A beautiful Restaurant directly at the port. Wonderful atmosphere. It has 4 vegan dishes on the menu which the really likes. We ordered two of them and were stunned by the composition of flavors.

Places to see

  • Cap the Formentor: Up north on the island you will be able to drive all the way to the light house. The way up there is truly magical. Small roads and wild goats, rustic cliffs and hidden bays is all you’ll see for that 30 minute ride. I’ve never seen a view that stunning.
  • Sóller: a beautiful little town where it couldn’t be more magical. There is a wonderful market on Saturday and Sunday mornings (until around 2 p.m.). And every lunchtime and evening, the restaurants in the main square uncover big. The whole market square is taken up by the gastro chairs and the atmosphere is simply indescribable. The parking situation is rather difficult. Nevertheless, there is a large, free car park at the cemetery (Cementiri), from which you can walk to the center for about 5-10 minutes. Don’t be surprised – through the many narrow streets, there is a one-way street out of the town and one in. You have the feeling of being in a labyrinth. But after a few days we got the hang of it. Still not for big cars. The narrowest street was marked with a sign “Warning: narrower than 1.80 m”.
  • Port de Sóller: The port of Sóller is about 10 minutes away by car. Walking becomes rather difficult and the concept was foreign to me as a “non-Mallorcan woman”: Many cities have an associated port. But it is usually a few kilometers away. First experienced – but then found! A very beautiful and picturesque harbor coupled with a wonderful sandy beach, turquoise water and a beautiful promenade that invites you to linger and great bars & restaurants.
  • Port de Pollenca: A beautiful promenade. With more port than beach. Still beautiful. Small cafes, bars and restaurants with a breath of sea scent.
  • Platja de Muro: a Caribbean-like sandy beach and one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It is the longest sandy beach in Mallorca and with 5.5km it is just a dream! The water goes down slowly, which makes it perfect for families with children.

Last but not least:

  • Palma: The capital of Mallorca, the center and where all the hustle and bustle reigns. But Palma can also be different. You can relax wonderfully in its small alleys and cute cafés. Of course there is also an incredibly large party scene. There is definitely something for everyone.

Vegan Accommodation

In my previous post “Hotel Test: Vegan Boutique Hotel in Sóller, Mallorca” I already spoke in detail about this wonderful vegan Eco Boutique Hotel and gave you plenty of impressions. Have a look at it here.

We haven’t seen everything on the island – that’s for sure. But I think this is a small, fine glimpse for you guys. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and of course I am very happy to receive your feedback in the post.




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