What Is Happiness and How Can I Be Happy?


Many people assume that happiness is something material.

A car, a house, a new suit, something expensive. A status symbol.

This world and our systems are built in such a way that you always run after the carrot, but you never get it. We run and run in our hamster wheel and what are we at the end of the day? Broken. Are we happy? No.

At least not always. We always run after something. A concept, an idea, a promise of happiness. But do we have it firmly with us then?

It’s not that easy to say.

What is happiness?

In search of all material things, we look for something that cannot be described or even verbalized. We are always on the lookout, but we still want to find something that is not visible. So happiness is nothing visible. Otherwise you would have seen it on the shelf a long time ago.

Happiness is a feeling. It’s not a thing or an object. It’s a feeling, a way of life. One setting. A mindset. When was the last time you were happy? In other words, when was the last time you felt really good? What did you do?

Much more than the question of which object or material thing led to it, it’s the feeling that went with the whole situation and thing.

And where did this emotion, this feeling, this happiness come from? From the outside? Someone else? It comes from within. From yourself.

So if happiness isn’t a findable, material thing and it’s a feeling that comes from within, doesn’t everyone have it? Can’t you just let it unfold whenever you want? In theory – I think – you can do that.

Still, it’s much easier than I said. It’s an attitude. It’s a mindset.

Would I even be ready to be happy?

If so, what would happen next?

I think before that, a positive mindset ALWAYS brings a lot of positivity into someone’s life. And I’m not talking about an irresponsible, naive, I-ignore-everything-bad attitude. No, there will always be some bad things.

The old game between good and bad. One cannot exist without the other. But at the end of the day it depends on which side we put MORE attention on. And I’m not talking about the fact that from now on we always have to be perfect. It is that we have a new chance every day to decide what to choose and where to go.

We ourselves – deep within us – are the creators and builders of our own future, our life and thus our happiness. We ourselves. And we can take responsibility for it and take our lives in our own handy and live and organize. Or, we let our lives live US. I think I’ve been on both sides so far and I as definitely not interested in the last option.

I once had an amazing math teacher. He always said that if you don’t know the solution, you can always approach the result from the other side. By assuming what it cannot be. So if I don’t know what I want or what makes me happy, I could, conversely, look at what I don’t want, or what definitely doesn’t make me happy. And you’re just a little bit closer to your goal.

So happiness is not a material thing

Which means you can look at it from the other direction. It is a feeling, a concept of thought, a way of approaching life. Not exactly an attitude how to live. But an attitude towards life. Isn’t that interesting?

How we perceive life and all its facets determines whether we are happy. And who exactly determines that?



Every person for him- or herself. Each and every one for themselves. It’s so crazy and simple at the same time. And if it’s so simple, why haven’t we all made it long ago? Because we completely disregarded the opponent.

The interaction between good and bad. Luck and bad luck. Or rather: being happy and not being happy. And I think that’s one of the greatest mysteries. What is stopping me when I can create happiness myself?

Personally, I think that if you recognize this point, acknowledge it and think more about a positive mindset, you will achieve more than if you agonize over your weaker self.

Tony Robbins says “energy flows where attention goes“.

Energy flows where you put your attention.

What you look at automatically increases and gets more

Have you ever noticed that if you are more concerned with something, then you automatically have more of it, or perceive more of it? When you are busy buying a new car, of a certain brand, you suddenly see a lot more of them driving around on the streets. If you therefore deal with the idea of ​​children, you suddenly see so many more children and pregnant women on the streets. Has this happened to you before?

You start to be more concerned with one thing and it seems to become a lot more. And since we can exert so much power with our own focus, why not try something positive right away? Why not just create a prosperous future? Just because? It could turn out to be simply beautiful.

I think that’s what many people struggle with. And that’s fine. But trying to find happiness every day. To be positive. To ask yourself: How can I change this so that it has a positive effect on myself and my immediate environment? What can I change?

And what does change always start with?

With yourself.

And there we are again with the attitude towards life. That is, to be happy, we have to have a certain attitude towards life. A mindset that evokes exactly that. An attitude with which one can be happy at all.

A few weeks ago I started a survey on my Instagram channel: What makes you happy? And here were the answers. They couldn’t be more different and beautiful.

  • Joy and gratitude for all things in life
  • Coffee, tea, comfort food, my toddler, my husband, cuddling with my cat
  • Enjoy the sunrise on the balcony with tea and a blanket on a cold day
  • To see and feel the sea To laugh with my children family
  • When I watch my dachshund girl sleep
  • Finally being home with my family after being in the hospital and having an operation sunshine
  • Jesus, baking, friends, cats, sun, warm weather, family eat Hiking in winter with snow coffee
  • To help people who help people
  • My religion
  • Yoga, playing the piano, rest, books, cuddling up with my son in the morning, cooking
  • Sun Jazz, being out in the sun, learning
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Family, friends
  • Good food, sunshine, my friends and family weekend
  • Light a candle while doing lettering
  • When I can help friends be happy

As you can see, there are some common denominators. Family, friends, sunshine and little moments all of which lead to this feeling of happiness. And you can see wonderfully how nothing material can be found here.

Simple moments. Moments that come from within. Thus moments that we can all experience so easily.

Let’s do more of it

Put more energy there and do more. Just try to be happier through it, or very simply: to experience happiness.

If only 30% of the people around us wake up tomorrow morning and start the day with this thought, wouldn’t it be a much better day and result in a much better future for all of us?

Be one of those 30%. I think every beginning counts and no step is too small here. I myself try to add it every day and I am convinced that we can start a small impulse with it that can become something big. What do you think?
Thank you so much for stopping by.

See you next time.

All the best, Marie ☀️

Author: Marie Dorfschmidt




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