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“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”

Mother, foodie, photographer and world explorer with a lot of love for detail.

There are so many things that describe me and especially me here as therawberry.

And so this blog has become a place where I have united all my passions.

First and foremost, I am sharing my vegan recipes here with you here. But also my travels and that inspires me in between.

I share a lot of this on my Instagram channel @therawbery. Especially all the food, insights behind the scenes and also about me as a photographer.

Since I also love everyday magic so much and I think that there can be something beautiful in every moment, I share many of my travel photos and momentary photography on my travel channel @therawberry_travels.

I am very happy that you found my blog. Maybe you will find the right inspiration for yourself, your kitchen, or even a new favorite recipe. Have fun and enjoy.