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Ideas for working together

Food photography and food styling

Want me to do your food photography and food styling?

Creation of food photography for digital media and print

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How about food photography for online and print?

Product placements on Instagram

Let us promote your products!

Travel reports, press trips and events

Press trip through Vibe Israel - February 2020 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Press trip for Vibe Israel, together with 4 other influencers from all over the world (Canada, Australia, Estonia and 2 from Germany; including me).

The point was to show the country through our eyes. From traditional family dinner right in the living room of the host family, to vegan New York street food restaurant, snack bar and up to the noble 5 star establishment. It was all there and we have been allowed to get to know the city, as no other tourist.

We were invited to a tahini factory, were allowed to stroll through the alleys of Jerusalem and have seen the old markets in Nazareth. It was an unforgettable trip and I feel honored to have been a part of it.

Alnatura Campus - November 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany

Invitation to the Alnatura Campus. Background information, exclusive guided tour of the campus. Joint exchange, as well as Christmas cooking event.

“The new Alnatura Campus was built on a former barracks site in the southwest of Darmstadt. The heart of the 55,000-square-meter site is the Alnatura World of Work. It is the largest office building in Europe whose exterior facades are built of clay.”

SimplyV Headquarters - October 2019 im Allgäu, Germany

Invitation to the headquarters of the vegan “cheese” manufacturer. Directly into the Allgäu in the middle of all the other dairy farmers, there is a production facility that specializes in the production of vegan alternatives. A look behind the scenes was included. As well as great exchange, a competition and an unforgettably beautiful brunch the next morning.

Dottenfelder Hof - September 2019 in Bad Vilbel, Germany

Conference on biodynamic agronomy in the framework of Alnatura with insights and tour of the farm.

Eating the Gap II - June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

„What are the challenges in the food system created by us and how can we motivate people to live and eat more sustainably?
These questions were addressed at the latest ‘Eating the Gap’, a series of event –coordinated by EUFIC,  which aims to create and collaborate with a network of influencers to further engage consumers in the topics of food technology, sustainability and healthy diets. As part of the Food Ambassadors programme, the events are funded by EIT Food, the leading innovation initiative in Europe.Attended by 40 people and 20 influencers across Europe with a potential reach on social media of over 1,2 million people, the event brought together food, health and sustainability influencers to raise raising awareness of what one can do as an individual. Thanks to the spread of expertise and nationalities, the influencers can pass on science-based messages to diverse audiences that might not be reached through the traditional ways of communication.“

„Bites of Bliss“ Health and Wellness Retreat - March 2019 in Ibiza, Spain

Invite on holding a masterclass on vegan dessert with Magda from @oatmealstories during the wonderful retreat on this beautiful island.

Eating the Gap - December 2018 in Gent, Belgium

Hosting a Class on vegan desserts with the amazing vegan chef Pieter-Jan Lint.

Eating the Gab is all about creating a more sustainable and healthier world by bringing chefs and influencers together to discuss and experience food.
„Inspired by the topics of Sustainability and Taste, we decided to bring chefs and food bloggers or influencers to collaborate on the creation of interactive, educational and eye-opening sessions.“

Let's bring your event to a larger audience!

Online features of me:

Recipe development

Let's develop a recipe with your product!

I am open to your suggestions. Do you have an exciting project and are looking for a content creator in the field of food, mindful living, or veganism?
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