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Advertisement for frooggies

Frooggies produced their first TV ad with me as the lead role! Frooggies produces fruit powders which are perfect to add to your breakfast bowls, yogurt or smoothies.

The ad runs national wide for three months (february – april 2018) on the top-three channels: Pro7, Sat1 and Sixx.

Interview with The Native Society

Read all about my online interview ‘The Native Society’ did with me.



Publication in print: THRIVE magazine

THIRVE Magazin is the #1 plant-based magazine in the U.S., sold in every single grocery store including Target, Walmart and Costco. It has a readership of almost one million! I’ve been published in their august issue in 2017.


Recipe presentation on

The Rawberry is an Insta feed we always find to be mouth-wateringly motiving. German food stylist Marie Dorfschmidt creates the most gorgeous treats for a living, often sharing them with her rapt audience. With a motto like ‘eat real food,’ you know she has the best intentions, though we’re often cursing the late-night cravings a flip through her feed induces. A few weeks ago she posted this breathtaking parfait, which is a vegan riff on one of her childhood favorites. Creamy and sweet, with luscious seasonal flavors, it could easily edge out chocolate mousse at any holiday fete, replacing feelings of dessert guilt with holiday bliss.” –

Read the whole article HERE including the recipe. ?